What does "Myara" mean?

Hi everybody,

My husband took this photo of my hands while I was sewing labels onto Myara pieces. I use my hands a LOT, like I know you probably do too.

Looking at my hands, I'm reminded of my mother and my grandmother, which reminded me about the name "Myara".

Friends (many of which are customers) often ask me about the story behind the name "Myara". They often think it means "Maryam" which is my given name. But that's not true! I would never name my store after myself!

My grandmother's name was "Rya". She was my inspiration in life. She was the kind, gentle soul who I looked up to when I was a child.

I named my first child after Rya and for decades I've wanted "My Rya"->"Myara" to come to life. I want to bring my grandmother's love of people and family and connection to life through my own hands.

With love,

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