Children's classes at Myara

Children's classes at Myara

Our founder Sunny always dreamed of a boutique where families could gather and be inspired – and even work hard! For example, finding the dress that takes your breath away, learning how to draw from auntie, mom teaching you to play chess, even Dad teaching you to sew.

The goal of Myara's classes is to combine mastery-level quality with auntie-level care to inspire children to, as Whitney says, "let them lead the way!"

Tuesdays, 10:30am - 12pm
Supplies provided; $22.50/session
Instructor: Mandy Tardif (see below)
Ages 6+

Wednesdays, 10:30am - 12pm
Basic supplies provided; No charge
Instructor: Sunny from Myara
Ages 5+

Instructor: Dr. Neema Moraveji, Stanford...

Myara feature in 'Beyond the Creek'

Myara feature in 'Beyond the Creek'

We live in a small town called Lafayette. It's the kind of town that's 'between' larger town (in our case, Walnut Creek and Oakland!). 

Starting a boutique 'in between' other places seems risky but we do so for a few reasons:

  1. Being close to home has lots of perks like quick homemade lunch runs!
  2. Community is easier to create in a smaller town compared to a 'shopping mall' vibe.
  3. Being close to our children is key! Our boutique is walking distance to home and school.
  4. We wanted to really be able to focus on the customer shopping experience and...

Our 2019 Easter event: Make your own Bunny ears!

Our 2019 Easter event: Make your own Bunny ears!

Hi friends,

A boutique is not a place for an egg hunt. I also didn't want to do face painting.

I want to teach children how to use their hands. In this busy and heady time we live in, it's healing to use our hands. 

I grew up making things. And I try to teach my daughter to do the same.

This Easter, I want to teach children to make Bunny ears and help them build confidence with using their hands. Sometimes it's hard for parents to compete with the screens and videos –– but if we...

What does "Myara" mean?

What does "Myara" mean?

Hi everybody,

My husband took this photo of my hands while I was sewing labels onto Myara pieces. I use my hands a LOT, like I know you probably do too.

Looking at my hands, I'm reminded of my mother and my grandmother, which reminded me about the name "Myara".

Friends (many of which are customers) often ask me about the story behind the name "Myara". They often think it means "Maryam" which is my given name. But that's not true! I would never name my store after myself!

My grandmother's name was "Rya". She was my inspiration in life. She...